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A Personal Journey: Growing with Gratitude Journaling

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Hey SBR Fam!

I'm thrilled to welcome you back to our heart-warming corner of the internet, where we dive deep into topics like gratitude, journaling, planning, and our vibrant stickers and inspiring journaling notebooks.

Today, I feel compelled to share a little piece of my heart with you - my own transformative journey with gratitude journaling and the positive ripples it's created in my life.

My journey into the world of gratitude began in a rather small and straightforward way. It was nothing more than a little note here and there in my planner, a few words of thanks for the big and small blessings in my life. Over time, this small seed of gratitude began to grow, blossoming into a meaningful practice that now fills entire pages of my dedicated gratitude journal. As I jotted down all of the things I was thankful for, I started asking myself why I appreciated these moments, these people, and these experiences. This deeper exploration led to a greater appreciation for my life, helping me to relish in the simple joys that were always there, just waiting to be noticed.

This practice of gratitude journaling has been transformative. It's brought a sense of calm, sparks of joy, and a wave of contentment into my life. I've found myself embracing positivity, spreading kindness, and expressing my appreciation more freely. I'm even more thankful for my role as a caregiver, focusing on the rewarding aspects of this important responsibility.

I realized that if gratitude journaling could have such a profound effect on me, it could certainly help others too. That's why last month, I started posting monthly gratitude prompts in our Stickers By Rhonda Facebook group. I wanted to extend this practice to our wonderful community. 

This month, I'm thrilled to share that I've brought this initiative to the Stickers By Rhonda YouTube channel. In a recent video, I walk you through my gratitude journal page for our first gratitude prompt for June which focuses on self-care. I show you how I use some of our gratitude stickers and also share my personal journal entry.

I invite you to pull out your gratitude journal, get your Stickers By Rhonda stickers ready, and join me in this journey of gratitude. You can check out the video here on our YouTube Channel or watch it down below.

Remember, gratitude is a journey, not a destination. It's about finding joy in the journey and appreciating life's little blessings.

With love and gratitude,


Welcome to our gratitude journey! This video is the beginning of our month-long gratitude challenge where we focus on self-care, personal growth, and financial abundance. I'm Rhonda, and I'm here to guide you through your gratitude journaling, sharing my own experiences and encouraging you to participate alongside me.

In this video, we'll explore our first weekly prompt: Mindful Moments. We all have those little activities that help us relax and recharge, and this week I'm inviting you to delve into those moments. Think about your favorite self-care activity. Is it a warm bath at the end of the day, a cup of your favorite tea in the morning, or perhaps it's the time you spend in your gratitude journal? Whatever it is, take a moment to appreciate it fully and jot it down in your journal. This week, let's cherish these mindful moments and share the joy they bring.



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