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Create A Morning Self-Care Routine That Works For You

It's easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, but taking time for yourself is essential to maintaining a healthy balance.

When you make yourself a priority, everything else will fall into place. A good morning self-care routine can help put you on the right path for your day and get you closer to living a happier more fulfilling life!

So what is a good morning self-care routine? It is a series of healthy actions and habits you do every morning that feeds and nourishes your mind, body, and soul.

A good morning self-care routine will help set the tone for your day by getting you into the right mindset. You'll start off energized instead of groggy and anxious. Creating a self-care morning routine doesn't have to be complicated. All you have to do is incorporate a few simple self-care habits into your morning routine and you'll have an energized and positive start to your day.

Here are a few simple self-care habits you can start adding to your morning routine. These are also the habits I practice:

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is a choice. You don't have to be grateful for everything, but you can be grateful for something. Start your morning by writing down three things you are grateful for, and you'll be on your way to a happier day. Need some help getting started? Start with the simple fact that you woke up. That is something to always be grateful for. Waking up each day is a fresh start.

Drink Water

Wake up and start hydrating your body for the day with some refreshing water. Drinking water is good for your overall health. It helps energize your body, lubricate your joints, and improves brain health.

Get Up and Start Moving Your Body Around

It doesn't have to be much—just a few stretches or a walk around the block will do the trick. Why? Because movement is good for your circulation, mobility, and strength (not to mention your mood).

Read A Book

Reading is one of the best things you can do for your brain and to help improve your life. It's like a workout for the brain. Reading a book helps increase your knowledge and creativity by introducing you to new information. Start off by reading books about topics that interest you the most! This will help make your morning reading time more enjoyable for you.

I hope the above list of habits gives you some inspiration for creating your own morning routine. Remember, there's no one right way to do this thing we call life. So find what works for you and give it a shot. Your mornings—and your days—will be better for it!

Of course, before you begin any changes that affect your mental and physical health, I always recommend and encourage consulting your personal physician and therapist. They can help guide you in creating a personalized morning self-care routine that meets the unique needs of your mind and body. Let them review your morning routine before getting started to make sure these new habits are safe and healthy for you.

Download the free Morning Self-Care Routine Worksheet to help you plan and organize your morning routines:

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