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Get Clear About What You Really Want

The Want List Workshop

How can you pursue your dreams or your best life when you have yet to get clear about what it is that you really want?

Before you can set goals or make plans you need to get clear about what it is you really want. Not what your parents said you should want or your spouse, friends, or social media.

The Clarity Journaling Sticker Kits help you slow down from your busy life and work through thoughtful questions that will help you learn more about yourself and determine the type of life you would like to live.

The Want List Workshop

What type of lifestyle do you want for yourself? What level of income do you need to maintain a comfortable lifestyle? What types of vacations or experiences would you like to have? Who are the types of friends you want in your life?

The Clarity Journaling Sticker Kits provide journaling prompts for thought that will help bring out your contemplative side as well as provide plenty of decorative stickers to make your journal pages pretty.

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