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Let's Catch Up!

And just like that, January, the first month of the year is over and we are now starting February! One month down and only 11 months left! I hope your year has been off to an amazing start, like ours.


In the Stickers By Rhonda community, we have been having fun rolling out new releases and expanding!

Here is a recap of what you may have missed!

Stickers By Rhonda has expanded to Zazzle! We released our first collection Can’t Stop Your Shine! This collection was a great way to start the new year! It has some of everything to keep you reminded to keep shining, including the cutest binders which are perfect for making sticker albums.

Then Get Up and Move was released in-house on! This collection was designed to help you get up and get moving. It is all about becoming physically active to keep your energy up and make sure you are making your fitness a priority.

But we weren’t done! Now that we got you up and moving, we had to keep you moving! So the Keep Moving collection was released, along with our newest SBR Planner Girl “Missy”.

Have you met Missy? Well meet Missy, she is our newest Planner Girl and just like the rest of her sisters, she is moving along the path of success and trying to bring as many as she can along with her.

Wait…there is still more! We released You Are Loved in our Zazzle shop and we extended over to Yaaaas! You Are Loved stickers are available on until Feb 3rd, so make sure to get your order placed!

And because we didn’t think that was enough…we held our first Flash Back Friday and brought back the newly redesigned “I Heart Pizza” and “Be Yourself” stickers. Oh wait and we added another new SBR Planner Girl, Eve! 

Wow! What a GREAT start to the year for the Stickers By Rhonda Community! We are rolling along! 

Make sure you are on our text and email lists so you don’t miss what we have in store for February! You know, like the 14-Day Gratitude Challenge that will be starting VERY soon. The official announcement will be made shortly! So make sure you are on the lists and you have joined our private Facebook Community. (Yes, it is private and it’s free!)

Alright, I think you are all caught up for now!



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