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Personal Growth discussions Oct 23rd and Dec 4thh

We have some very exciting news!

The SBR Team and I want to do more than just help the members of our community survive this ever-changing world. We want to help all of our members thrive and continue to reach new levels of success and happiness.

So we have made the decision to transform the SBR Sip & Read Book Club into the SBR Sip & Read Personal Growth Club.

The new club will focus on personal development and supporting our members to reach their full potential so they can live their happiest and best lives possible.

Here is what's happening:

- all reads will cover a personal development or self-help topic. And yes this includes more financial literacy reads too!

- a new read will be selected every two months instead of every month. This way we can have more time to contemplate, discuss and implement new strategies.

- we will continue to meet monthly for live discussions via ZOOM.

Eventually it is my hope that our personal growth club will host virtual workshops, classes, and guest speakers. 

What We Are Reading & Discussing Next

The October and November read is I Love Me More: How to Find Happiness and Success through Self-Love by Jenna Banks.* 

We will discuss the first half of the book on October 23rd and last half on Dec 4th. Both discussions will take place via Zoom at 6pm Eastern.

The SBR Team and I hope that you are just as excited as we are about the upcoming fun changes!

Happy Reading!


P.S. Have you missed a read? You can see our past and upcoming reads in the official SBR Sip & Read Amazon store*.

*As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.) 

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