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Week 2 of Our Gratitude Journey: Embracing Personal Growth

Hello again, my beautiful Stickers By Rhonda family!

Can you even believe we've cruised into the second week of June already? It feels like a blink since we kicked off this exciting gratitude journey together. For those of you in our wonderful Stickers By Rhonda Facebook group, I'm sure you've been feeling the connections deepen with our monthly gratitude prompts. And if you're new here - a big, warm welcome! I'm thrilled to be sharing this experience with you and our fantastic YouTube community as well.

This second week, we're steering our focus towards a theme that's dear to me, and I'm sure many of you - Embracing Personal Growth. Our prompt for this week beckons you to turn inward and reflect on a recent personal growth experience that you're grateful for. Ponder over it: How has it molded you into an improved version of yourself? What feelings does it stir, and what's your next step on this intentional growth journey?

Remember, personal growth can sprout from anywhere. Maybe you've baked your first perfect loaf of bread, conquered that tricky yoga pose, or dipped your toes into entrepreneurship. Or perhaps you've released something that no longer serves your best interest. The aim is to delve into why this experience was meaningful and how it has positively impacted your life.

Now, the fun part - in this week's YouTube video, I've set aside a full 15 minutes for you to craft your personal growth journal entry. Pen down your thoughts, your emotions, and then, if you feel like sharing, post your journal entry to our Stickers By Rhonda Facebook community. Let's continue to inspire and uplift each other with our stories of growth!

I'm beyond grateful that you've chosen to accompany me on this transformative journey of gratitude journaling. Remember, this is only the beginning, there's so much more in store, so stay tuned for week three of our series. Until then, I'm sending you all heaps of love and positivity. Happy gratitude journaling!

And hey, if you missed our first week's video - no stress at all! You can catch up right here!

Remember, an attitude of gratitude brings great things. 

Happy journaling!

Journal With Me: Embrace Personal Growth with Gratitude Journaling | Week 2 Prompt

Hey there, welcome back to our ongoing gratitude journey! Time's truly flying, isn't it? We're already navigating through the second week of June! Now, if you're part of our wonderful Stickers By Rhonda Facebook group, you already know the special connection we've formed through our monthly gratitude prompts. And if you're not - no worries at all! I'm so thrilled to share these meaningful prompts right here with our amazing YouTube family as well!  Click here to watch on our YouTube Channel!

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