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Where Have All The Physical Stickers Gone?

Hey My SBR Sisters! I have a shop update for you!

You may have noticed some changes around Stickers By Rhonda. If you've looked around our shop, you'll see that all physical products have been removed. This decision wasn't made lightly and occurred for several reasons.

This year has brought significant changes to my life and the lives of my family. We have lost six loved ones within these past nine  months, some deaths were  back-to-back. None where expected. So I needed time to properly grieve and adjust to my generation now taking on the new role of elders in our family and carrying on our family legacy. 

My family is a large one but very close and connected. And for me, there is nothing in this world like losing family members who helped me become the woman I am today and have been with me since the day I was born. My remaining family and I have to  now learn to live and navigate this world without the physical presence of the loved ones we have lost.

Additionally, my son started college and is living away from home for the first time, while my daughter entered high school. To support them in these life changes and to adjust to our evolving family dynamics, I felt the need to be more available for them, the rest of my family, and most importantly myself.

Originally, the plan wasn't for physical stickers to remain off the site for this long. However, due to a finger injury that I am still healing from, I decided to extend my hiatus.

During this time away, I've had the opportunity to reflect on Stickers By Rhonda's place in the marketplace. To be completely honest, the outlook is bleak. Our engagement and shop numbers have been declining for the past year and a half. The demand for SBR Planner Girl physical stickers have drastically decreased, and the rising costs of supplies have made this shop a challenging endeavor.  I actually work harder and longer hours for considerably less income.

I know there are still some that love our stickers so very much, so I am currently researching options and possible solutions that will benefit everyone. However, at this time I do not have a definitive return date for physical stickers. Meanwhile, I will continue to expand our digital stickers and digital/printable journals. Also printable stickers will be debuting in the SBR Personal Growth Club.

Speaking of the SBR Personal Growth Club, some have asked why it was created and why am I talking about it so much. The reason is simple: I saw a need within our community and the club is a solution I can offer.

There are members in our community who are seeking more than just stickers and journals. For them, the focus is on life vision, goals, finances, spiritual growth, mental and physical health, and aiming to create a more fulfilling life.

These members love the SBR community and our stickers, but they just want more. So I created a place where stickers and journals still play a part, but they take on more of a supporting role rather than being the main attraction.

Looking forward, my vision for Stickers By Rhonda goes beyond stationery products. We are evolving into a comprehensive community that empowers women to take control of their lives and create one that is meaningful and fulfilling for them. A life that excites them everyday!  I can honestly say I've achieved a level of growth that allows me to love my life and those in it, and I want that for all, especially women.

I understand that as we broaden our vision, some may decide to leave the SBR community. And if you are one of them, know that I appreciate your love and support for as long as you've been a part of our wonderful community. And for those who choose to continue sticking and growing with us, thank you. I appreciate your love and support too. And gear up…because this is going to be an AMAZING  journey!

Join the SBR Personal Growth Club for free!

Thank you for taking the time to read this shop update. If you have any questions, please let me know.


P.s. To stay updated on when our physical items will return, we invite you to join our email list.

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