Collection: Meet Our SBR Planner Girl, Tanya With Locs

Meet Tanya with locs, our go-getter professional with a deep commitment to balanced living. Donning a radiant medium brown complexion and beautiful black locs, Tanya's secret weapon in mastering her diverse roles is her faithful planner. As an ambitious entrepreneur, a nurturing home manager, and a woman dedicated to her self-care, planning isn't just a strategy for Tanya—it's her lifestyle. She delights in embellishing her planner with motivational stickers that add a splash of color to her day while keeping her focused on her goals. But she's not just about checking tasks off her list—Tanya is all about holistic wellness. For her, planning is an act of self-care and personal growth, creating harmony between her professional aspirations and personal wellbeing. With her planner in hand, Tanya knows she's ready to take on the world while staying true to her balanced lifestyle.

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