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Stickers By Rhonda is known for hand-drawn, diverse, and stylish SBR Planner Girl characters and motivational quote stickers, that keep our customers inspired, encouraged, and empowered as they work to accomplish their goals and create the life they want to live. Our signature SBR Planner Girl characters are created, designed, and hand-drawn by Rhonda.

Why Rhonda Created These SBR Planner Girls For You

Rhonda is passionate about using her gifts and talents to help you thrive and grow. She created the SBR Planner Girls to be your motivational cheer squad and assist you with planning your goals while also guiding you in actionable steps to learn better habits. Rhonda and The SBR Planner Girls are thrilled to help you create the prosperous, joyful life you deserve to live.

When you need a reminder of who you are and what you can accomplish, the SBR Planner Girls are here for you! When you need a bit of extra motivation to reach that next milestone or finish your day strong, the SBR Planner Girls are here for you! When you need a reminder that “trouble don’t last always” or “joy comes in the morning,” the SBR Planner Girls are here for you!

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