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Drink Up Cuties - Water Planner Stickers

Drink Up Cuties - Water Planner Stickers

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Make it easier to incorporate the healthy habit of drinking water into your daily routine with our fun Drink Up Cuties. These fun stickers not only add a touch of charm to your planner but also serve as a practical tool for staying on top of your hydration goals.

Whether you're new to tracking your water intake or looking to enhance your existing hydration routine, these stickers are the perfect companion to your planner. By visually reinforcing the importance of drinking water, you'll find it easier to maintain this healthy habit and reap the numerous benefits of staying hydrated.

With these stickers, you'll find the inspiration you need to quench your thirst for a healthier lifestyle. Start your hydration journey today and watch as your water-drinking habit becomes second nature!

1 sticker sheet of non-removable matte stickers.

  • Each sticker has a white border

These stickers are designed to work well with a variety of planners.

Although great care has been taken to make sure colors show accurately, there may be slight color variations depending on your computer monitor/screen.

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