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Cassie Readers Gonna Read Digital Sticker Pack - Digital GoodNotes Sticker - Digital Stickers

Cassie Readers Gonna Read Digital Sticker Pack - Digital GoodNotes Sticker - Digital Stickers

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Get ready to turn a new page in your digital planning journey with our delightful 'Readers Gonna Read' Digital Sticker Pack. Bursting with color, this lively collection adds a dose of joy and inspiration to your reading and journaling adventures alike.

Meet Cassie, our hand-drawn Planner Girl, who adorns a shirt proudly proclaiming 'Readers Gonna Read'. Captured in the act of diving into a good book, Cassie perfectly embodies every passionate reader and journaler who finds solace in the world of words. She's the ideal companion to accompany you on your literary escapades.

Our sticker pack isn't just a pretty face - it’s an inspiring trove of quotes celebrating the pure joy of reading. Phrases like 'Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader', and 'Lose Yourself in a Book, Find Yourself in the Pages' serve as little cheerleaders nestled in your digital pages. If your weekends are invariably all booked up, you'll adore our stickers 'My Weekend is All Booked' and 'Booked for Life'.

But we're not just about motivation; we're about organization too. Thoughtfully crafted headers for 'Reading Log', 'Favorite Authors', and 'Books I Haven't Finished' help keep track of your literary journey. We've also included 'Favorite Quotes' and 'Currently Reading' stickers to add a personal touch to your digital journal.

For those of you keen to plan your reading time or maintain a 'To Be Read' list, our dedicated stickers ensure you’re always on top of your reading goals. Our decorative washi stickers, splashed with bookish themes, bring a dash of whimsy to your digital planner or journal.

Practical organization tools like color boxes and stickers for creating checklists, and dotted dividers for clear sectioning, make your digital journaling experience effortless and enjoyable.

The 'Readers Gonna Read' Digital Sticker Pack is ready for use with the GoodNotes app, and we've also included individual PNG files for those who use other digital planning or journaling tools.

So, are you set to let Cassie guide you through the enchanting world of books and the empowering practice of journaling? Purchase your 'Readers Gonna Read' Digital Sticker Pack today. Revel in the beauty of planning, journaling, and organizing that every dedicated reader and journaler deserves. Welcome to a vibrant and joyful reading and journaling journey!

 Product Features:

  • Hand-drawn digital planner girl stickers
  • Vivid colors and beautiful designs that elevate your planner's aesthetics
  • Fully compatible with popular digital planning apps like GoodNotes, Notability, and OneNote
  • Easy-to-use, drag-and-drop functionality for seamless integration into your digital planner
  • Customizable size and rotation to fit your planner's layout perfectly
  • High quality PNG files to ensure crisp, clear images

 What You Will Receive:

  • Pre-Cropped Digital GoodNotes Stickers
  • Individual Pre-Cropped PNG Files

Before purchasing, please make sure:

  • you have read and understand our Digital Stickers Terms Of Use. Purchasing these files means you agree an will abide by our Terms Of Use.
  • you read What You Can and Can Not Do with our digital stickers
  • you are familiar with digital planning and GoodNotes or your preferred digital planning app
  • you have installed GoodNotes or preferred digital planning app and know how to upload/import digital sticker files to the app
  • you know how to open or extract files from .zip folder

How you will receive your digital files:

  • A link to download the .zip file will be displayed on the checkout page. The .zip file contains all of your digital sticker files
  • You will also receive an email containing the link for your download. If you do not see the email in your Inbox, please check your spam/bulk/junk mail/promotions folders.
  • You can download your digital stickers .zip files from a max of 3 times. After the maximum download limit has been reached, additional downloads will require a new purchase. New purchases are subject to availability.

We invite you to try our free digital sticker sheet before making a purchase to ensure that our digital stickers are the right fit for you!

The complete Digital Stickers Terms Of Use published on will prevail over the content of this document.

  **No Physical Items Will Ship. You will receive digital files for you to use for digital planning, journaling and/or notetaking only. Printing of our digital stickers to make physical stickers or other items is prohibited and violate the Digital Stickers Terms Of Use. ***

**No Refunds/Returns On Digital Items.**

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